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Saturday, May 8, 2010

You wanted game

It does not work out
And if I go the hour without you
Do not bleed for me
Do not run the streets

Don’t sprint to my doorstep
Don’t bring me flowers that wither
And gifts, I must return
But most of all, do not stain my sheets

Don’t drink from my cup
As though it be the fountain of youth
Do not call my name in waking dreams
And place a candle in the window
Or a ribbon round a tree

Preach not
About love, about affectations, about parting
And particularly, stolen youth

Seek me instead,
again and again,
in thy wilderness
I am hot and I am cold
And you know that's what you seek
You play the game
You play for game
Do not make me out to be the bitch

Seek me in thy wilderness
Against the harshest of winds
In the harvest
Breathe me in
Breathe me whole
When all else fails you
xoxo, dream a little dream,
Privy Lil' Lotus

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