~ staying afloat, a day at a time ~

Saturday, April 28, 2012

when you've had enough
it's time to leave
the disco ball may still turn
but the light will never shine on you
baby, it's time to leave.
i share my body
my intimate past
and your hands run over my scars
my bumps
my lackluster stretchmarks.
but you've held another
touched still another
and groped the other
and now it's me
i dull in comparison
on other days you've had your fill
and you close your eyes
saying tomorrow gets better love
but the day after
oh, the days after
we must be vary
and me, am weary
today i stand by nothing
but a lighthouse.
am going in
the ships don't need me tonight
and i don't need them

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

neat lines

i cannot be sure anymore
of where it began and where it may have ended
or not
somehow the words can never tally up
stand in a neat line and have a full stop
you have to say something
you have to end it
but you will not be able to end my sentences
probably that is why
everything stands in disarray
but when was it ever compartmentalized?
when did we draw lines and suggest whose shelf was whose
and what we stacked where
you are indeed of a strange breed
and i do not say this about your parentage
pardon me
come and dream my lovely
how come you stand under the arc again?
where will you be when the earth will move unwittingly
i have no ideas
no passions
and no past glories to live on
and on some days no possessions to live off
no morals to go by
everything is marked in the sand
the river washes dreams away
but you know this
yet you dream
and share your everyday hallucinations
i cannot heal you
my hands are coarse
so lets breathe
lets make amends

but walk in different directions
we are not of the same breed.
not you. not me.