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Thursday, November 29, 2012

In another life..

Privy me

the straight & narrow

i heard a loud 'thud'
When optimism died
since the day
it's been the straight
and narrow
there's just one route
i don't ask questions
and neither should you, me
when they ask
what has come to pass
fury stews
i slip through the cracks
those that existed from
the word - go
the December princess
is now bleeding.
there is a hopeless shaped
hole in the ground now
they fill it up
but you see the faint outlines
not enough benzine possibly.
a vial of tempestuousness
is mixed into our morning expresso
patience stirs the pot.
my order is up,
"the straight and narrow, please"
why yes,
polity is still expected

treacherous you, defiant me

you scar me deep
you leave me cold
and you repeat yourself over again
call me by any name
give it a few months
your infatuation will now abbreviate it
when you're not looking.
tomorrow a raft
takes sail
and I am on it.
words cannot suffice
treacherous waft.
Figments undo every yesterday
such loss
when the fire burns out
not a shred
but careless specter.
And you repeat yourself?
now three times over?