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Saturday, September 17, 2011

No Modern-day Juliet

I grew up thinking that only lovers’ ruled the world,
For they could empower their people senseless,
With their cocaine – Love.
But reality keeps me wide- eyed,
Where love turns to hate
And nice people finish last.
Why did the rain wet all our dreams?

You make love like a wild animal
And then LEAVE
Me naked and numb in the cold.
For her love – a rare disease
Emotions engulf us
And I crumble to the crowd
That’s the last I play with fire, mama.
English lit and Shakespeare lied.

And now I’m not so sure where I belong.
Home seems to be a noasis.
Open the doors: I wanna come back!
For I walk the tight rope home,
And I know that looking down will kill me,
Oh survival-: a distant dream.

Oh sweet sweet nectar, I’ve been lusting all my life.
Now her truth will calm my soul
It’s my anesthetic
But reality keeps me wide- eyed,
Where love turns to hate
And nice people finish last.
Why did the rain wet all our dreams?

Friday, September 16, 2011

Dear Baby Israella,

Wrote this for a childhood friend's baby.. 

Dear Baby Israella,
You are a lucky lucky girl.

The world is a beautiful place and you have been born to the most wonderful of parents one can hope for and I know because I have been friends with your mother for over a decade before your beautiful self joined us. Although I do not know your daddy as well am sure he’s the best as well cause your mother would only choose the best.

Before you came along your parents had never known a happiness so profound and a love so deep. When I saw your little face I could not believe how fast we had all grown up and now having children of our own. I thought you were the cutest little thing I had laid eyes on.

Though I said that the world is a beautiful place it also has a dark side that shows sometimes. Sometimes bad things happen to good people and sometimes there is unhappiness and life gets very complicated. As you grow up there will be many times when you are forced to choose.

Choose whether to do the right or wrong thing.

Choose between objects, friends, people, jobs and the like.

I hope for your sake that you make the right decisions and open your heart and mind to everything that your parents taught you. Every time you feel sad or weak or like no one is on your side and no one can understand you, you should know that your mom and dad are there and they will be no matter what you do or say.

Although it may be unbelievable at times, your parents have been through what you are going through or what you will go through at one time or another. 

Israella, you should know that you are a miracle and everyday your parents will love you and treat you like one.

If I can give any advice, it is love yourself and stay happy.

You are a princess,
Your mommy’s friend.. :)

Thursday, September 8, 2011


For every rose, a number of thorns
For every dream, an unfortunate awakening
Why can’t I sleep forever?
Mama, why do you want me awake?
Let me be, please, just till tomorrow.
For every love,  an unseen deceit.

Water for a dying vixen,
How do you right your wrongs
Towards the end?
Everything in my being shivers.
O come my time… … tick, tick on
You don’t see me for me.

Arise and recognize you
You owe it to yourself
Eros – thantos, fight over me.
Come out the victor,
And release my soul
Can’t face what I’ve done

Too late to let people in
For everything that crashes…burns
Flames thrust me
Farewell unfulfilling lustful ways
Mourn not me but life.
Let me just be … just till tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

And then one day..

And then one day
came before me
And took my standing whilst i
my legs give way

And then one day i
the butterflies had yielded
they felt laden by the weight
of my dreams
Kip i could not stoop and build’em
not again
There were only if’s and never

And then one day
HE ceased to love and
to care

HE went out looking anew
came back, not to me
i left all vows at
the altar

And then one day
the bud in me withered before
i dared to bloom
eased and wilted

And then one day
the shades of purple altogether

And then one day
i CompromisED
And then one day
i finally roused

And found me


an open book’, I’m not sure
But you say so!
Our tears can fill an ocean
And humour conceals our pain
Leo’s would know.

But why put up the pretence?
We fool all: yes.
But alas, to hurt ourselves
And we search for love
In all the wrong places

And ours is strong,
Fierce, but strong.
Yet, we pretend,
Love should announce itself,
For we stumble on our pride and ego.

Love nor friendship served on a platter
Yet thought of as
‘the silver – spooned’ ones’.
We want to break the ice.
But few can truly penetrate our shell.

Tomorrow we will awake
And flow through our normal routine:
We set out to do good
While the tables turn on us.
Where is karma?, I ask.

Don’t get me wrong
We still believe in sunshine
And that good will come our way
And we await that day
Quiet patience – loud silences.

Kings of our concrete jungle
Born to lead.
In the limelight, we shine bright
Blessed with talents we have to win.

We say it as we see it,
Impulsive we may be.
Sensitivity gets the most of us
Hence we wish to change the world
With our ‘Fool’s Paradise’ plans.

We will not change for you
For we believe in a little consistency
We seek warmth and truth
And believe in what’s right.
We want to change our destiny.

Don’t get us wrong,
Fall not for our facades!
Tough and lean on the exterior
And shrewd our minds,
Yet our tears can an ocean fill.