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Friday, September 16, 2011

Dear Baby Israella,

Wrote this for a childhood friend's baby.. 

Dear Baby Israella,
You are a lucky lucky girl.

The world is a beautiful place and you have been born to the most wonderful of parents one can hope for and I know because I have been friends with your mother for over a decade before your beautiful self joined us. Although I do not know your daddy as well am sure he’s the best as well cause your mother would only choose the best.

Before you came along your parents had never known a happiness so profound and a love so deep. When I saw your little face I could not believe how fast we had all grown up and now having children of our own. I thought you were the cutest little thing I had laid eyes on.

Though I said that the world is a beautiful place it also has a dark side that shows sometimes. Sometimes bad things happen to good people and sometimes there is unhappiness and life gets very complicated. As you grow up there will be many times when you are forced to choose.

Choose whether to do the right or wrong thing.

Choose between objects, friends, people, jobs and the like.

I hope for your sake that you make the right decisions and open your heart and mind to everything that your parents taught you. Every time you feel sad or weak or like no one is on your side and no one can understand you, you should know that your mom and dad are there and they will be no matter what you do or say.

Although it may be unbelievable at times, your parents have been through what you are going through or what you will go through at one time or another. 

Israella, you should know that you are a miracle and everyday your parents will love you and treat you like one.

If I can give any advice, it is love yourself and stay happy.

You are a princess,
Your mommy’s friend.. :)

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