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Thursday, September 8, 2011


For every rose, a number of thorns
For every dream, an unfortunate awakening
Why can’t I sleep forever?
Mama, why do you want me awake?
Let me be, please, just till tomorrow.
For every love,  an unseen deceit.

Water for a dying vixen,
How do you right your wrongs
Towards the end?
Everything in my being shivers.
O come my time… … tick, tick on
You don’t see me for me.

Arise and recognize you
You owe it to yourself
Eros – thantos, fight over me.
Come out the victor,
And release my soul
Can’t face what I’ve done

Too late to let people in
For everything that crashes…burns
Flames thrust me
Farewell unfulfilling lustful ways
Mourn not me but life.
Let me just be … just till tomorrow.

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