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Tuesday, September 6, 2011


an open book’, I’m not sure
But you say so!
Our tears can fill an ocean
And humour conceals our pain
Leo’s would know.

But why put up the pretence?
We fool all: yes.
But alas, to hurt ourselves
And we search for love
In all the wrong places

And ours is strong,
Fierce, but strong.
Yet, we pretend,
Love should announce itself,
For we stumble on our pride and ego.

Love nor friendship served on a platter
Yet thought of as
‘the silver – spooned’ ones’.
We want to break the ice.
But few can truly penetrate our shell.

Tomorrow we will awake
And flow through our normal routine:
We set out to do good
While the tables turn on us.
Where is karma?, I ask.

Don’t get me wrong
We still believe in sunshine
And that good will come our way
And we await that day
Quiet patience – loud silences.

Kings of our concrete jungle
Born to lead.
In the limelight, we shine bright
Blessed with talents we have to win.

We say it as we see it,
Impulsive we may be.
Sensitivity gets the most of us
Hence we wish to change the world
With our ‘Fool’s Paradise’ plans.

We will not change for you
For we believe in a little consistency
We seek warmth and truth
And believe in what’s right.
We want to change our destiny.

Don’t get us wrong,
Fall not for our facades!
Tough and lean on the exterior
And shrewd our minds,
Yet our tears can an ocean fill.

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