~ staying afloat, a day at a time ~

Friday, March 8, 2013

a glass cuts into her
while she hovers around yesterday
he lights her memory
while she brings ash to her forehead
thinking the day before
but the smoke lingers
and a scent sets the air alight
reigniting episodes
flicking past and future
all in a blink

and blood and water align
for one night only
for tomorrow to endure


alone tonight

i hear these voices
the songs
the melody
resonating lyrics
throb my petite heart tonight
they hold meaning
and i allow myself to be naked
and alone
and cry in a quiet corner

in a parallel universe
you're doing so much better than i
cause you're not alone tonight
it's just me
you have plans

and i
i should have learned faster
maybe quicker

some days i think i should
be put down
but these damn songs
those damn lyrics
and all those concerts i never went to
all these tears you will never see
never feel
cause i'm human
to distance myself from you
like you, from me

maybe it was a lack of mutuality
we should have signed an agreement
for every tear you drew from my well
but i had no terms to offer,
just me,
and i seem to come back empty
three times over now.

so i turn my pillow
cause they keep going damp
but this song
it does not bring me to close my eyes and sleep
what it does
it brings me to close a door
and close my eyes and sleep
three times over.