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Friday, November 18, 2011

truth, please..

I'm not fooling myself.. i know what has to happen.. i feel old though and tired. so tired.
feel like there isn't any hope left. like the world has buckled and given up on me. i realize its a reflection of myself and yet, it seems like the day will never befall us again. 

everything is hazy. i'm not delusional. i know what is happening or rather what's not. the future seemed like a mythological book being read to the young. oh, the young, so full of zest and ideas and building up dreams .. so naive. 

i had ideas once too .. i saw the church. i saw the rosa clara dress. lace.
time is so effortless. so i broke the clock. i'm growing too old before my time. my ideas have outrun me. my dreams are far behind. hope is nasty.

bring me that kindergarten smile. my bonny lies over the ocean. my bonny lies over the sea. you know what i miss most. i miss the truth. when did you stop telling me the whole truth. i thought we were doing that all along, now it seems like i was running the marathon alone and no one's passing me the baton.

Where is the truth?
Where was it, rather?

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