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Sunday, January 15, 2012

it's us by association

i acquaint you now ever so casually
with lyrics and tunes
your touch tingles more than it tantalizes
our journey's been etched onto my skin now
i don't need a tattoo to remind me of you
everything intensifies
and my body tightens
thoughts frighten me cause i'm ardent
i'm deep
i'm stubborn
i'm you and what's more is
you're me
how did that ever come to be?
over voicing the last so many years?
i thought i was sharing
instead i was doing more
you know me now
the past has made my skin tougher than yours
made it coarse
and you come along suddenly trying to soothe my scales
your balms are addictive
as is your voice
my throat is closing
and here we go again

there is a clock
we are in it
history knows us by name now
she knows you
she sees me
you said you knew me yesterday
you kissed my hand
you said i blushed
i hear these songs
you've badgered them into my being
i cannot associate music alone
it is you
do not time me

how do you associate me?
do you see me whole?
do you see all of me? all my facets?
do you see me?
can you still love me?
if yes, then..
here we go again
can we go back to the cafe now? to yesterday?

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