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Saturday, October 27, 2012

child, take heed

i would like to dole advice
before a handful of soil
covers me whole
do not trust a man with wafer-thin lips
they are sealed forever
when you are offered everything
do not take it all
you must work for them
or you will end up with a handful
everything that crashes
does not always burn
do not trust a man who purses his lips
he is fighting off a rage
do not want for what
was never thine
when you have it, it will flee
before a tune is played out
i cannot teach you everything
life will be your shepherd
but i will be your lighthouse
guiding you home
fruit will be in bounty
i hope you elect
the very brightest
but moreover the strongest
love is a friend and fiend
make of it the best you may
lyrics and poetry will only take
you thus far
the rest of the way you must tread
and most of those days,
be wary

you must carry your cross
and keep faith when all about you
have lost theirs
there is a tree rooted
not far from here
that does not come undone
bury your treasures
beneath its glorious earth
it will defy the laws of
math, science and life

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