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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Chasing vapours

if time has taught me anything,
i suppose it should be that i cannot blame you
how does one light a candle to nonchalance?
i'm not able to clearly express on most days
i'm on shaky earth. that i will say is you.
i was immovable, just yesterday.
just after midnight,
a far off lighthouse guided no ships
and in the still of an almost desolate black sand beach
no guarantees in place
just a 'connection' was made
that could easily be undone.
we are strangers now
and while you let everyone go,
early alzheimers
i didn't know my fate
and now, when i started feeling again,
i've come undone.
no one to thatch the roof,
but me.
i cannot make you uncomplicated,
to say the least
and yet, i cannot hate

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