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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Les chansons des rêveurs

your love is an epiphany
a piece de resistance
it borders my being and
fills my cup
you bring the pink
to my cheek
and give faith a new turn
a new hope
and smear me with language, astute

my shadow is filled
with shards of your life
and you piece us whole
and explain the reason
of the almond of my eye,
oh but gently
with a deep voice
a full throated softness

and i am strung
along the equator of your being
and i go missing in the between-s
oh Blake, be amazed
be amazed
bow to my tiger
look in his hand
he alleviates the ghosts
in my unopened boxes
he seems on-reel
and talks me anew
into secret on secret
and shows me a canyon,
deep and vast
where he is me
and he be me

and on the cloudless night
he dares to weave
and points
to stars and has them dance
to french music
that entangles in the vines
and the vines in my heart
yearn for his epiphany,
for his love

but the casket lowers,
the dance of a dream
les chanson du petit,
gifting reality,
his eulogy


Embracing everyday, I'm never going to stop dreaming.
Sing yourself a chanson du reveur (hope that's correct) to sleep... The tune can come later.

Privy Lil' Lotus

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