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Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I can't draw you in
I can't hold your gaze
It will not follow me around
in a crowded place
It won't steer from where
you were before.
And you know who you are

You know who,
you know who you moon over
you know her name
her every curve
her middle name

But I,
I know you
I know I come after
and I
I am willing
I come close
I lift my veil
when required
I am commanded
I'm on no two way street
I can hold your hand
But not your mind's eye

It's me, without lustre,
sans colour
and I stand in the night
on your canvas, deep within
behind the beacon
sending me into almost oblivion

But now and again
down life's corridor
I catch your eye
maybe the spunk in your side

But I'm not one
for glimmery false apparitions
You won't blindside me, love.


I know what you're thinking, am getting too serious, right?
Bonne journée.
xoxo, Privy Lil' Lotus

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