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Monday, May 17, 2010

heart, be still

heart, be still
the day cannot be yours
and when night falls
the stars will shine
and the constantly moving wands, will move

so heart, be still
our destined paths are mediocrity
you and i,
and there is no bridge we can build
no invention to create
we are no different

we are no different young thing,
do not beat harder
let's take life at pace
and see it eye to soul

we weave the magic
and have nothing to show for it
heart, be still
do not dream dreams of hope
and i say be still
i know now
i know the ongoing struggle
and i must give up the fight
for we battle a fate
adhered to my ancestral name

be still and show a maturity
tell the world you're convinced
we were set out to be ordinary
do not repeat it my love
do not say, not enough
so be still my love
hibernate, but slowly accept
let's you and me beat at pace
and resign our fate to faith

and in knowing,
you beat harder
you are pounding at my cage
i'm as sorry as you,
for us
and now dry my cheek
my lush eyelash
soothe the reddened hand

now take my hand
and know,
i've failed
because we're ordinary


It's sad when life doesn't go your way. Mom says I plan too much and disappoint myself when it doesn't go my way. But my fate lies in the balance, no respite in sight.
xoxo, patting dry,
Privy Lil' Lotus

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