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Sunday, May 2, 2010

spindling contradiction

Every waking hour
Filled with a yearning, a searching, a yelp
The dam breaks again
The floodgates of time
And time envelopes you
Nothing in the air burns, but time
Second, second, second, second,
And minute

And life is a wire
My eyes are unloved
And my heart is witness
But time looms in the air
And we spin the wheel of life and penance
Everything is turning
And time is moving along
Time is patient
And sliding along the walls

It etches
And marks days on calendars
On calendar
Only one, in my home
The trouble begins at loving
And cannot be shelved
Or boxed
Or sidelined
Or put out
Or bottled
It must extinguish, just as it burned the early flames
Flames of yellow
Flames of orange
Flames of blue
And now just purple

But to not know love,
Is to have never lived,
He said.

But, I’m told:
Time is a spindle,
Weaving grief,away

Time is a contradiction


Actually, just saw the movie, The Greatest. Carrie Muligan is inspired. Sarandon is on par with Streep and Brosnan has the kindest eyes.

xoxo et al,
Privy Lil' Lotus

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